Using the Profiles app

Use the Profiles app to view the latest updates for the people in your network. You can also access and edit your profile directly from the app.


You can work with the Profiles app in the following ways:
  • To change to a different view, click the Down arrow under the app title and select one of the following options:
    Table 1. Profiles app views
    View Description
    My Profile In this view, the Profiles app displays a snapshot view of your personal details from Profiles. You can open your profile directly in Profiles or edit your profile from this view.
    My Network The My Network view displays recent activity and updates for the people in your network. This might include new activity entries and blog entries that they have created, and new bookmarks that they have added in the Bookmarks app. You can also check if you have any pending colleague requests from this view.
  • To access your full profile, click Profile from the My Profile view.
  • To edit your profile, click Edit from the My Profiles view, make your changes, and click Save.
  • To view the latest updates for people in your network, select the My Network view.
    This view also lets you see how many updates your colleagues have made lately in Activities, Blogs, and Bookmarks.
  • To process new network requests, click the network requests link. If you do not see a network requests link, this means that you have no pending network requests.
  • To configure display settings for the app:
    1. Click the Actions icon Actions icon in the app title bar and select Edit.
    2. Select the period of time for which you want to display the latest entries from your network.
    3. Select the number of people that you want to display in the app.
    4. Click Save.