Using the My Wikis app

Use the My Wikis app to help you track the latest updates to the wikis of which you are a member.

About this task

The My Wikis app displays a list of the wikis that you are a member of, in order of the most recently-updated wiki. The app lists the wikis by title, and provides information about who last updated the wiki and when they made the update.


You can work with the My Wikis app in the following ways:
  • To navigate to a wiki to get more information about an update, click the wiki title to open the wiki in the Wikis app. Close the window to return to the Home page.
  • If there are no wiki entries to display, click Go to your Wiki page to open the Wikis app and start a wiki or access other options for working with existing wikis.
  • To configure display settings for the app, see Managing home page apps.