Using the My Network app

Use the My Network app to stay current with your colleagues and add new connections to your network.

About this task

The My Network app displays a summary of the latest updates that people in your network have made in the Activities or Blogs apps.


You can work with the My Network app in the following ways:
  • To display a list of the updates that a person has made in Activities or Blogs, click one of the app links under the person's name. Click an update title to open the full update.
  • If you do not have any network connections yet, click Go to your profile to open the Profiles app and search for useful network contacts.
  • To process new network requests, click the network requests link. If you do not see a network requests link, this means that you do not have any pending network requests.
  • To configure display settings for the app:
    1. Click the Actions icon Actions icon in the app title bar and select Edit.
    2. Select the period of time for which you want to display the latest entries from your network.
    3. Select the number of people that you want to display in the app.
    4. Click Save.