Using the My Bookmarks app

Use the My Bookmarks app to display the most recent updates you entered in the Bookmarks app. You can also edit your bookmarks from this view.


You can work with the My Bookmarks app in the following ways:
  • To view a bookmark update, click the bookmark title to open the bookmark directly in Bookmarks. Alternatively, click Details to open the bookmark in a pop-up window.
  • To edit one of your bookmarks:
    1. Click Details under the bookmark you want to edit.
    2. Click Edit this bookmark.
    3. Make your changes, and then click Save.
    4. Click Close to return to the Home page.
  • If you have not yet added any bookmarks, click Go to your bookmarks page to open Bookmarks and start adding your own bookmarks.
  • To configure display settings for the app, see Managing home page apps.