Using the Activities app

Use the Activities app to access a snapshot view of the latest Activities updates.


You can work with the Activities app in the following ways:
  • To select a app view, click the Down arrow under the app title and select one of the following options:
    Table 1. Activities app views
    View Description
    My Activities In this view, the Activities app displays the most recent updates for your personal activities.

    Click the links next to the calendar to view the latest updates to your posts or high priority activities, or to open the Activities app.

    For information about how to use the calendar, see Using the calendar in the Activities app.

    Public Activities The Public Activities view displays a list of the most recently updated public activities.

    Click the title of an activity that interests you to open the update in Activities.

  • To configure display settings for the app:
    1. Click the Actions icon Actions icon in the app title bar and select Edit.
    2. Select the period of time for which you want to display recent entries for your activities.
    3. Select the number of public activities to display in the app.
    4. Click Save.