Creating content in a wiki page

Create a wiki page and add content to it so you can share information with community members.


To create a wiki page, complete the following steps.
  • In the Wiki area of the community's Overview page, click Create a Wiki Page.
  • Enter a name for the page in the Page Title: field.
    Choose a name that describes the page content.
You can add a variety of content types to the page as follows:
  • Enter your content in the Page Content: field.
  • Use the extensive formatting options, such Paragraph Formatting, Fonts, and Point Sizes to layout and format your content.
  • Use the Insert Image icon to either link-to or attach an image to the page.
If your page has many headings and subheadings, consider adding a table of contents as follows:
  • Place the cursor where you want the table of contents to be displayed.
  • Click the Macros list in the editor toolbar.
  • Select Table of Contents to add a table of contents to the page.
Finished with your edits for now?
  • When you have finished click Save and Close.