Managing rich content pages

After adding a rich content page to your community, you can add content such as text and images to it.

About this task

Add content to a rich content page, you can also edit a page's contents, move the page, or remove the page from the community.


  • To edit content on a rich content page:
    1. Click Actions icon Actions on the Rich Text page, then click Edit.
    2. Add content such as text, tables, images and links to the page:
      • To insert images, click Insert/Edit Image iconInsert/Edit Image. You can then either insert an image from a source on the web (EXTERNAL URL) or an image from your computer (UPLOAD).
      • To insert links to web content, clickInsert Link icon Insert Link > URL Link.
      • To insert links to community files content, click Insert Link iconInsert Link > Link to Files.
    3. When you have finished adding content, click Save.
  • To add another rich text page:
    1. From the community's Overview page, select Community Actions > Add Apps.
      Note: You must be logged in to a community to access the Community Actions menu.
    2. Click Rich Content to add a rich content page, then click Close to close the content palette.
    3. On the community overview page, click Add Content and start adding rich content to the page.
  • To view a page in different format:
    1. Click the Actions Actions icon on the Rich Text page, then click Edit.
    2. Click either PREVIEW, HTML SOURCE, or RICH TEXT to view the page in different formats.