Installing Cognos® Business Intelligence

IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence collects, manages, and displays statistical information for the Metrics application in HCL Connections. Installing Cognos® Business Intelligence involves installing IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment, plus a database client, in addition to the Cognos® components.

Before you begin

This documentation assumes that you are deploying Cognos® Business Intelligence before you install HCL Connections. If you choose to deploy Cognos® later, you can ignore any Cognos-related validation errors during the Connections installation process and then return to this section later for instructions on deploying the Cognos® components. Even if you are not deploying Cognos® now, you can create the raw Metrics database and install the Metrics application so that Connections can immediately begin capturing event data for later use.

Note: If you deploy IBM® Cognos® Transformer on a non-Windows system and connect to the data in Microsoft SQL Server database, you must install the ODBC driver of "Process DataDirect Connect for ODBC". It is the only driver that IBM® Cognos® supports for such a configuration. The driver is not free so if you want to avoid the cost for the licensed driver, you need to install Transformer on a Windows system. You have two options:
  • To install both Cognos® Business Intelligence and Transformer on the Windows system
  • To leave Cognos® Business Intelligence on a non-Windows system and install Transformer on Windows. Refer to the technote for detailed information:

About this task

HCL Connections requires a customized version of Cognos® Business Intelligence, which is installed using the provided script. You cannot use previously deployed Cognos® Business Intelligence components with the Metrics application. For best performance, use a separate computer for the customized version of Cognos® Business Intelligence.

To install the Cognos® Business Intelligence and its supporting software, complete these tasks: