Configuring activity stream search index settings

You can update the default settings for the index folder and the shared replication folder for the activity stream search service.

About this task

The IBM® WebSphere® Application Server variables ACTIVITY_STREAM_SEARCH_INDEX_DIR and ACTIVITY_STREAM_SEARCH_REPLICATION_DIR define the location of the activity stream search index folder and the activity stream search replication folder respectively. The search index folder stores the actual index. You need one of these for each server. The shared replication folder stores the changes that have been recently made to the index. You need one shared replication folder for each server cluster.

The default directory path for the ACTIVITY_STREAM_SEARCH_INDEX_DIR and ACTIVITY_STREAM_SEARCH_REPLICATION_DIR variables on the cell scope is set when you install HCL Connections, and this definition is automatically used for every additional node. However, you can update the paths on the cell scope if you want to customize the default settings.


  1. From the IBM® WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console, expand Environment and select Websphere Variables.
  2. Select ACTIVITY_STREAM_SEARCH_INDEX_DIR, enter the location of the local activity stream search index folder in the Value field, click Apply, and then click OK.
  3. Select ACTIVITY_STREAM_SEARCH_REPLICATION_DIR, enter the location of the shared replication folder in the Value field, click Apply, and then click OK.
    All nodes need access to this shared folder.