Copying Search conversion tools to local nodes for Windows

To enable full indexing of data, copy the Search conversion tools to local nodes.

Before you begin

Perform this task only on nodes in the Search cluster. If you added a node to an existing cluster, as described in the Adding a node to a cluster topic, complete this task only if the new node is a member of the Search cluster. References to nodes in the steps of this task apply only to nodes in the Search cluster.

About this task

The Search conversion tools index Files, Activities, and Wiki attachments. The tools work best when they are available locally on each node. However, when IBM® Connections was installed, the conversion tools were deployed on a network share. Therefore, you must copy the tools to each node in the Search cluster.


  1. Identify the nodes in the Search cluster.
    1. Log in to the Integrated Solutions Console and click Servers > Clusters > WebSphere application server clusters.
    2. Click cluster_name, where cluster_name is the name of the Search cluster.
    3. In the Additional Properties area, expand Cluster members and then click Details.
    4. In the table of cluster members, make a note of the nodes that host the cluster members.
  2. Copy the shared_data_directory_root/search/stellent directory from the shared content folder to a local directory on each node. Use exactly the same path on each node.

    Make sure to point to your local folders on the nodes and not to the shared area. For example, change the default path shared_data_directory_root\IBM/IC_Share\search\stellent\dcs\oiexport\exporter to a local folder, such as C:\IBM\Connections\data\local\search\stellent\dcs\oiexport\exporter.

    The new directory contains the exporter executable file.

  3. Navigate to Environment > WebSphere Variables > FILE_CONTENT_CONVERSION and change the path from the shared area to the local area on your nodes. This should be the same across all nodes.

    For example: C:\IBM\Connections\data\local\stellent\dcs\oiexport\exporter

    The exporter file must be in the same file path on all nodes.

  4. Repeat the procedure for all nodes in the cluster.
  5. Synchronize the nodes in the cluster and restart the servers.