Pseudonymising user PI contained in Surveys

If Community Surveys are part of your IBM Connections deployment, you can download and run a database script to pseudonymise a user's name in the Surveys application. You must use the script specific to the database and the operating system that it runs on in your environment.

Before you begin

From HCL FlexNet, download IC_Surveys-IFLO93917 to obtain the script specific to your database and operating system for Community Surveys.

For surveys on a DB2 database

In all of the following commands, directory_uuid is the user's LDAP UUID, a string that looks like 46c25940-be70-1033-93a5-95472f45d54f . The scripts change the name of the user associated with the UUID to pseudonym, a name like "User124," throughout the Surveys application.

  • Linux: Log in as the DB2 administrator, and issue the following command:
     sh directory_uuid "pseudonym"
  • Windows: Log in as the DB2 administrator, and issue the following command:
     changeNames_Survey_OnPrem_DB2.bat directory_uuid "pseudonym"

For surveys on an Oracle database

  • Linux: Issue the following command:
     sh db_admin db_password directory_uuid "pseudonym"
  • Windows: Issue the following command:
     changeNames_Survey_OnPrem_Oracle.bat db_admin db_password directory_uuid "pseudonym"
    Note: Make sure to detach both changeNames_Survey_OnPrem_Oracle.bat and changename.sql and save them in the same folder on the Windows system.