Adding a layout component to a blank report

The layout defines the appearance of the report, including formatting, style, and design.

About this task

The example report will use a table to control the placement of report components. A table is a simple formatting tool that lets you place report objects into a basic layout by inserting objects such as charts and labels into different cells within the table. Use the Toolbox feature in Cognos® Report Studio to add a table to the blank report.


  1. Create a blank report as described in Creating a blank report from the PowerCube model.
  2. Click the Toolbox tab.
  3. In the Toolbox window, select the Table object and drag the it to the report's layout.
  4. In the Insert Table dialog box, specify values in the Number of rows and Number of columns fields, and then click OK.
  5. (Optional) Format the table.
    There are a variety of formatting options available in Report Studio; you might want to try some of the following simple formatting commands:
    • Apply a predefined style to an entire table object by clicking Table > Apply Table Style and selecting a style from the Table Styles dialog box.
    • Set only specific attributes for the table by clicking the table object and selecting settings in the Attributes window (you can set attributes for cell also).
    • Merge cells within the table by selecting the cells and clicking Table > Merge Cells.
  6. To see how the table can control the report layout, experiment with adding other report objects such as legends and charts, into the various cells within the table.
  7. Click Save to save the updated layout.