Changing the location of the favicon cache

Change the default directory for the favicon cache from the IBM® websphere Application Server (WAS) administrator console.

Before you begin

By default, the favicon cache is stored in the IBM® Connections data directory under Bookmarks. The variable is stored in the WebSphere® Application Server variables. You can change the location of the favicon cache by updating the WebSphere® Application Server variable. To change the locations, complete the following steps:

About this task

Follow these steps to change the default directory of the favicon cache or the full-text index.


  1. Launch the WebSphere® Application Server Integrated Solutions Console.
  2. Select Environment > WebSphere variables.
  3. Select DOGEAR_FAVICON_DIR from the list of WebSphere® variables.
  4. Enter a new location for the variable in the Value field and click Apply.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart the Bookmarks server for your changes to take effect.