Adding IBM® Connections nodes to the Communities catalog

You can add IBM® Connections nodes to an existing catalog in Communities. Whenever the main node stops operating, another node can automatically start collecting data.

About this task

When you add IBM® Connections nodes to an existing Communities catalog, you must be sure that you disable scheduled metadata collections.


  1. Log in to IBM® Connections as catalog administrator. See Configuring the Communities catalog administrator for information about how to configure this role.
  2. Go to Communities and select Administration from the navigation sidebar.
  3. Disable source metadata collection by selecting More actions > Disable Schedule. This action stops future collections but does not delete existing metadata from the index.
  4. Copy the catalog index folder from an existing node to the new node by following these steps:
    1. Log in to the Integrated Solutions Console and click Servers > Clusters > WebSphere application server clusters.
    2. Click cluster_name, where cluster_name is the name of the catalog cluster.
    3. In the Additional Properties area, expand Cluster members and then click Details.
    4. In the table of cluster members, make a note of the nodes that host the cluster members.
    5. Copy the catalog index folder from an existing node to the new node. The catalog index folder to copy is pointed to by the CATALOG_INDEX_DIR variable. For more information, see Configuring Communities catalog settings.

      The following path is an example only and might be different on your operating system:

      • AIX® or Linux: /opt/IBM/Connections/DataLocal/catalog/index/Places
      • Windows: C:\IBM\Connections\data\local\catalog\index\places
  5. To enable source metadata collection, select More actions > Enable Schedule.