Managing stored credentials

IBM® Connections does not create nor store user names and passwords. Instead, it uses the user credentials that already exist in your LDAP directory for authentication. IBM Connections does not store administrative user IDs and passwords either. It does, however, create and store references to existing administrative user credentials. You can make changes to those references.

User credentials

To change a user's password, you must change the password in the LDAP directory that you are using to store user data. IBM Connections does not provide a method that administrators can use to change user credentials. Use the methods in place in your organization for changing user credentials. Alternatively, you can refer to the documentation provided with the LDAP directory that you are using.

Administrative credentials

When you install IBM Connections, it creates a set of references to the administrative user credentials it needs to access other tools and services to configure IBM Connections. Refer to the following topics for information on how to update these references.