DPTK File Sturcture Overview

DPTK uses file based persistance to store reports and user profiles as well as temporary files and files used for customizations.

DPTK Report Store.

When we generate a report, it gets stored as file in DPTK config directory.

You can find generated reports in the following directory based on the reportId the report is available under via the UI. DPTK_CONFIG_PATH/dptk-reports-store Note: the DPTK_CONFIG_PATH will be calculated via the WebSphere variable CONNECTIONS_CUSTOMIZATION_PATH: CONNECTIONS_CUSTOMIZATION_PATH/dptk by default, or can be set via DPTK configuration parameter configpath.

There are two different categories of reports:

  • Obtaining personal information: - Personal Information report contains Connections modules information like wiki, forums, blogs, profiles, activities etc. for user for which we are obtaining report
  • Pseudonymization of personal information: - Pseudonymization report contains Profile Pseudonymization details

Reports are deleted from the Report store via a report deletion scheduling job depending on the scheduling configuration. It can also be excluded from deletion via the report’s detail view in the DPTK UI.

Note: The persisted reports usually contain PII for its respective target user. For data privacy purpose, the scheduled deletion can be leveraged to let reports expire after a certain time and clean them up.

DPTK User Store.

This store contains user profiles used for profiles Pseudonymization.

Users are fetched from Profile DB and store in User Store.

User store profile contains attributes which used during Pseudonymization like active/inactive status, exclude from Pseudonymization , grace period etc.

With help of user store profile attributes and Profile Pseudonymization report, profiles are Pseudonymized in Connections.

You can find user profiles in following directory with userGuid DPTK_CONFIG_PATH/dptk-userstate-store

Temporary Files

DPTK stores files on the file system temporarily if they need to be cached.

Currently only rendered PDFs of user profile information reports are persisted temporarily inside the DPTK_CONFIG_PATH/dptk/pdf-store

Files used for customization

DPTK can be customized via custom files persisted in the DPTK config directory.

Currently DPTK only supports customization for NLS/language text in the DPTK UI. NLS customization files are stored in the following folder. DPTK_CONFIG_PATH/dptk/nls