Creating a query by using the Query wizard

You can use the Query wizard to guide you in selecting the fields to use in your result-set display and the fields and corresponding values to use as query filters.

About this task

To create a query by using the Query wizard:


  1. Ensure that Query > Use Query Wizard is selected.
  2. Click Query > New Query.
    The Query wizard opens.
  3. In the Choose Record Type window, select a record type and click OK.
    The first page of the Query wizard opens.
  4. In the first page of the HCL Compass Query wizard, select a method for creating the query.
    • To use an existing query as a template, click Browse and then Yes. In the resulting Select Query window, navigate the workspace, select a query, and click OK. Then click Next.

      If you are inexperienced in creating queries, start with a query that you know works.

    • To create a new, blank query, click Next.
  5. Define how the query displays by selecting result-set display fields.
  6. Select the query filters.
  7. Define the query filters.
  8. Save and run the query.