Files that are not packets

You can use the store-and-forward facility to send any file if you create a shipping order for the file with the mkorder utility.

You can send the file immediately or wait for the shipping server to send it.
  • To send a file immediately, use the –fship option with mkorder:
    /opt/hcl/ccm/versionvault/etc/mkorder –data /usr/rptgen/brdcst.0702 –fship 
    –copy boston_hub tokyo 
  • To store the file in a storage bay so that the shipping server will send the file the next time it runs, use the –ship option:
    /opt/hcl/ccm/versionvault/etc/mkorder –data /usr/rptgen/brdcst.0702 –ship 
    –copy boston_hub tokyo 
    Note: The shipping order must be located in the same directory as the file.

After you invoke the mkorder command, you can delete the original file.

If a file with the same name already exists on the receiving host, the file you send is renamed to filename_1. If you transmit another file with the same name, it is renamed to filename_2, and so on.