Directories for packets

Each storage class has storage bays and return bays, which are directories that hold packets. Storage bays are used for normal shipping operations, and return bays are used for packets that could not be delivered successfully.

Each storage bay and return bay directory contains two subdirectories, incoming and outgoing, which hold the packets and their corresponding shipping order files. Shipping operations look in these directories for packets.

Note: On Windows™, the amount of available space on the disk partition where the bays are located must be at least twice the size of the largest packet that will be stored in the bays. There may be two copies of the same packet in the bay at one time: one on its way to another destination and another waiting to be applied to the replica on the host.

When you install MultiSite the HCL Shipping Server on a host, the -default storage class is created, along with its storage and return bays. The storage bay is named ms_ship and the return bay is named ms_rtn. The incoming and outgoing directories in each bay are also created. When you use the MultiSite Control Panel (Windows) to create a new storage or return bay, the bay and its subdirectories are created. On Linux™ and the UNIX™ system, you must create the bays and their incoming and outgoing subdirectories and then specify the bays in the shipping.conf file.