Automated synchronization

To automate the phases of synchronization, you can use cron (Linux™ and the UNIX™ system) or at (Windows™) jobs or a third-party scheduling tool.

You can specify a receipt handler in the shipping.conf file (Linux and the UNIX system) or MultiSite Control Panel (Windows) to automate the import phase.

On Windows, you can use the script cquest-home-dir\msimportauto.bat as a template.

automated synchronization with a task scheduler

When you use a scheduling utility, such as the HCL VersionVault scheduler, to execute HCL Compass MultiSite commands, the scheduler process must have access to the HCL Compass environment. In Windows, the user who runs the HCL VersionVault scheduler must also create the connection to the HCL Compass schema and user database for performing the scheduled operations.

On computers running Linux or the UNIX system, the scheduled task must set up the HCL Compass environment by running the cq_setup script prior to running the multiutil subcommands.

For more information, see "Using the HCL VersionVault scheduler" in the MultiSite Administrator's Guide.