Configuring quick publish to run on specific instances or cluster members

For workload or debugging purpose, you might want to use specific servers for scheduled quick publish jobs. You can configure the HCL Commerce scheduler to run quick publish jobs on the specific HCL Commerce instances or cluster members that you define.

About this task

To isolate a scheduled job to an instance or cluster member:
  • Change the application servers that uses the HCL Commerce instance to give the scheduler a unique identifier.
  • Change the content management resource container file and add the unique identifier into the quick publish configuration section.


  1. Change the configuration files below before building the application package with the WebSphere Commerce Build tool. For more information, see Building a custom Docker image from a deployable package.
  2. Uniquely identify the server process where you want the quick publish task to run.
    Follow the steps that are provided in Configuring the scheduler to run a job on an instance or cluster member use this information:
    Value Make note of the value that you specify; use the same value for the jvmName parameter in Step 2.
  3. Update the value of the quick publish JVM name attribute in the wc-resource-containers.xml file.
    1. Open the WC_profiledir\installedApps\cell_name\WCServer_enterprise_archive\xml\content-management\wc-resource-containers.xml file for editing.
    2. Locate the <wc:QuickPublishConfiguration> element, and add the jvmName parameter as shown:
              		<wc:Publisher className=""
              		initParameters=[other-parameters] jvmName="QPHostname" [other-parameters]/ >
      The value of the jvmName parameter must match the value that you specified for the parameter in Step 1.