Tuning the performance of Quick publish

Aside from publishing workspace data to the Production environment database, quick publish also updates and marks all corresponding data in the production-ready schema STAGLOG table as processed. This process ensures that the data that is being quick published to the production database are not processed and published again during the next iteration of stagingprop. The process can take a long time to complete. If your database configuration meets certain criteria, you can tune the performance of quick publish by setting two optional attributes.

About this task

You can set the following configuration options to tune how the quick publish processes STAGLOG records:
Determines how the quick publish converts string characters in custom staged tables. This attribute can have two possible values:
The default value. SQL statement uses LOWER() to convert all string characters in custom staged tables to lowercase
Removes LOWER() from the SQL statement, thus improving performance. You can set lowerCaseStaglog to true when one of the following conditions are met:
  1. There are no custom stageable tables in the schema
  2. All UPDATE, DELETE, and INSERT triggers on all custom stageable tables insert lowercase values only into the STGTABLE column of the STAGLOG table.
Determines how the quick publish updates the STAGLOG table. This attribute can have two possible values:
The default value. Uses an EXISTS clause in the SQL statement.
Uses an IN clause in the SQL; improving performance. However, if you have already fine-tuned the performance of your database, performance might not improve.


To tune quick publish performance:
  1. Change the configuration files below before building the application package with the WebSphere Commerce Build tool. For more information, see Building a custom Docker image from a deployable package.
  2. Update the wc-resource-containers.xml file:
    1. Open the WC_eardir\xml\content-management\wc-resource-containers.xml file for editing.
    2. In the wc-resource-containers.xml file, locate the <wc:QuickPublishConfiguration> element, and add the postPublishSize parameter as shown:
      		<wc:Publisher className="com.ibm.commerce.context.content.resources.publish.DefaultJDBCContentPublisherImpl"
      		initParameters=[other-parameters] lowerCaseStaglog="true" updateStaglogStmtNum ="1" [other-parameters]/ >
  3. Save your changes and close the file.