Catalog filter customization: Integrating search with the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool

A catalog filter is a set of user defined conditions that calculate the categories and catalog entries that a customer is entitled to. The catalog filter provides an entitlement search expression as part of the search criteria, this entitlement check uses the HCL Commerce search framework. Without customization, the search framework uses Solr. If required, you can use another search engine.


  1. Create a class, for example com.mycompany.catalogfilter.ResolveCatalogFiltermySearchExpressionCmdImpl which implements the interface and extends from
  2. Implement the logic for building your entitlement expression within performExecute method. Use the static method CatalogFilterHelper.getCatalogFilterById to get the CatalogFilter instance containing all properties of a Management Center defined catalog filter.
  3. Register the class implementation in command registry by running the following SQL statement:
     values(0, '', 
    NULL, 'com.mycompany.catalogfilter. ResolveCatalogFilterOminFindExpressionCmdImpl', NULL, NULL, 'Local', NULL);