Defining outbound connector specifications without specifying inbound queue parameters for IBM MQ

You can change the outbound connector specifications to omit the inbound queue parameter if you are using IBM MQ for only outbound messages and do not want to create an inbound queue. In this scenario, you do not have to define a JMS object for the inbound queue.

About this task

To define outbound connector specifications without specifying inbound queue parameters:


  1. Create a backup copy of the instance_name.xml file, enabling you to revert back to the original file if any errors occur.
  2. Open the instance_name.xml file in a text editor and locate the snippet that defines the outbound connector description. Comment the inQueue parameter:
    <OutboundConnector default="true" enabled="true" id="3" name="JMS" retries="3">
    <JNDI JndiName="eis/JCAJMS" display="false"/>
    <ConnectionSpec ClassName="" default="true">
    <EditableProperty Admin="factory" display="false"  editable="Yes" name="setConnectionFactory" value="JMSQueueConnectionFactory"/>
    <EditableProperty Admin="inQueue" display="false" 
    editable="Yes" name="setInboundQueue" value="JMSInboundQueue"/> 
              <EditableProperty Admin="errorQueue" display="false" editable="Yes" name="setErrorQueue" value="JMSErrorQueue"/>  
              <EditableProperty Admin="outQueue" display="false" editable="Yes" name="setOutboundQueue" value="JMSOutboundQueue"/> 
  3. Restart HCL Commerce Server for the changes to take effect.