Troubleshooting: Member hierarchy of resource owner is invalid

An application error message indicates that the membership hierarchy of a resource owner is invalid.


Member hierarchy of resource owner is invalid.


An application error is displayed. In addition, an error similar to the following example is logged to the trace.log file:
WC_ACCESSCONT PolicyManagerImpl.getParentOrganizationsForResource 
Error: No parent organizations; defaulting to Root Organization. 
        MBRREL table or Dynacache may be in invalid state.

WC_ACCESSCONT PolicyManagerImpl.isAllowed isAllowed? 
        User=100000000517; Action=Execute;; 
        Owner=555; Resource Ancestor Orgs=-2001; Resource
Applicable Orgs=-2001


For example, given the preceding error message that member 555 does not have a parent organization, the MBRREL table should be populated, to specify its ancestors. If its parent is organization 2002, and its grandparent organization is Root Organization, you would populate the MBRREL database table with correct membership hierarchy data for the resource owner as shown in the following example:

descendant_id ancestor_id sequence
555 2002 1
555 -2001 2