This table stores data about the visitors to your stores.

Column Descriptions:

USRTRAFFIC_IDBIGINT NOT NULLInternal generated reference ID.
SHLUSTMPTIMESTAMPThe last time the customer logged in when the request was made.
USERS_IDBIGINTThe identifier of the user that issued the HTTP interaction.
STMPTIMESTAMPThe time when the current user traffic record is created.
REMADDRVARCHAR (254)The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the client that sent the request.
CLIMETHCHAR (8)The HTTP method to be performed on the resource obtained from the HTTP Servlet Request. It is the name of HTTP method with which this request was made. Valid values include are as follows:
  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT
SERVNAMEVARCHAR (64)The host name of the server that received the request.
SCRIPTVARCHAR (64)The part of this request's URL that calls the servlet.
PATHINFOVARCHAR (254)Any extra path information associated with the URL the client sent when it made the URL request.
QUERYSTRINGVARCHAR (4000)The query string that is contained in the request URL after the path.
BRAGENTVARCHAR (254)Contains information about the user agent originating the URL request.
REFURLVARCHAR (254)Referral URL from another site.
HTTPSCHAR (1)Indicator for whether the site is secure. Valid values are as follows:
  • 1=the site is secure and HTTPS is used
  • 0=the site is not secure and HTTP is used
RESULTCHAR (1)Indicator of whether or not this is a secure interaction. Valid values are as follows:
  • 1=the HTTP interaction was successful
  • 0=the HTTP interaction was unsuccessful
REDIRVARCHAR (254)The URL of the Web page that the user was redirected to, if the command resulted in a redirection. In order to complete the current interaction, the user-agent has to fulfill the request described by redirection URL.
VIEWTASKVARCHAR (32)The error or view command name that is used to display the result page to the user, if any.
PREVURLVARCHAR (254)The previous URL, if used.
SESSIONIDCHAR (64)The unique identifier of the session.
STORE_IDINTEGERThe store involved with this request.
CATGROUP_IDBIGINTThe catalog group involved with the request.
CATENTRY_IDBIGINTThe catalog entry that is used in this request.
OPTCOUNTERSMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0The optimistic concurrency control counter for the table. Every time there is an update to the table, the counter is incremented.


NameColumn NamesType
I0000261USRTRAFFIC_ID+STMPNon-Unique Index

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