Class ModifyOrderItemPAttributeTCCmdImpl

    • Field Detail


        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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        Constant Field Values
      • tradingId

        public java.lang.Long tradingId
        Trading Id.
      • languageId

        public java.lang.Integer languageId
        Language Id.
      • pAttributeVector

        public java.util.Vector pAttributeVector
        Pattribute Vector.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ModifyOrderItemPAttributeTCCmdImpl

        public ModifyOrderItemPAttributeTCCmdImpl()
        ModifyOrderCommentsTCCmdImpl constructor comment.
    • Method Detail

      • reset

        public void reset()
        Reset the command.
        Specified by:
        reset in interface
        reset in class AbstractECTargetableCommand
      • getLanguageId

        public java.lang.Integer getLanguageId()
        Retrieves the language identifier.
        The language ID.
      • getPAttributeVector

        public java.util.Vector getPAttributeVector()
        Retrieves the list of personalized attributes.
        The list of personalized attributes.
      • getTradingId

        public java.lang.Long getTradingId()
        Retrieves the trading agreement ID.
        The ID of the trading agreement.
      • performExecute

        public void performExecute()
                            throws ECException
        Updates the associated term and condition for each personalization attribute.
        This method does the following for every personalization attribute:
        • Determines if a value has been provided.
        • Determines if the associated tc ID has been provided.
        • Composes an XML element for the OrderItempAttribute TC that conforms to the Trading DTD.
        • Updates the OrderItemPAttribute TC.

        Specified by:
        performExecute in interface ECCommand
        Specified by:
        performExecute in interface
        performExecute in class AbstractECTargetableCommand
        ECApplicationException - If no value was provided for a personalization attribute.
        If the associated tc ID was not provided for a personalization attribute.
        If an application error occurs while updating the TC.
        ECSystemException - If a system error occurs while updating the TC
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      • setLanguageId

        public void setLanguageId(java.lang.Integer newLanguageId)
        Stores the language ID.
        Specified by:
        setLanguageId in interface ModifyOrderItemPAttributeTCCmd
        newLanguageId - The language ID.
      • setPAttributeVector

        public void setPAttributeVector(java.util.Vector newPAttributeVector)
        Save the incoming vector of personalization attributes.
        Specified by:
        setPAttributeVector in interface ModifyOrderItemPAttributeTCCmd
        newPAttributeVector - java.util.Vector
      • setTradingId

        public void setTradingId(java.lang.Long newTradingId)
        Save the incoming trading agreement identifier.
        Specified by:
        setTradingId in interface ModifyOrderItemPAttributeTCCmd
        newTradingId - The trading agreement ID.
      • validateParameters

        public void validateParameters()
                                throws ECException
        This method does the following:
        1. Verifies that a trading agreement ID has been provided and exists.
        2. Verifies that a vector of personalized attributes has been provided. Each vector element is required to have the ID of the term and condition it represents.

        Specified by:
        validateParameters in interface ECCommand
        validateParameters in class AbstractECTargetableCommand
        ECApplicationException -
        • If the trading agreement ID has not been provided.
        • If the vector of personalized attributes has not been provided.
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