Interface AddressUpdateCmd

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    AccCommand, AddressBaseCmd,,,, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, Protectable,,
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    public interface AddressUpdateCmd
    extends AddressBaseCmd
    Updates the address entry for a user, organization or organizational unit.

    The information of the address is stored in the ADDRBOOK and ADDRESS tables.

    Use this command with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that the information are encrypted. To do so, type the command with the HTTPS secure protocol.

    The parameters URL and addressId are mandatory. The rest of the parameters are all optional.


    • Calls an empty task command PreAddressUpdateCmd which can be customized for any pre-processing prior to execution of this command.
    • Check the required parameters.
    • Inserts a new address into the ADDRESS table with the specified nickname. The old address is marked as temporary, and the new address is marked as permanent.
    • If updating this address to primary, changes the existing primary address to not-primary.
    • If the Authentication Mode is LDAP and this address is the self address (the selfAddress field equals to 1), the address information may also be updated on the LDAP server.
    • Calls a task command AuditAddressCmd to perform additional parameter checkings. For customized parameter checks, new code should be added to AuditAddressCmd task command.
    • Calls the specified URL upon successful completion. Calls AddressErrorView view command if the command fails.
    • Calls an empty task command PostAddressUpateCmd which can be customized for any pre-processing prior to execution of this command.
    • Temporary address cannot be updated.
    • Nickname cannot be updated.

    Exception Conditions

    • URL is null (_ERR_CMD_MISSING_PARAM).
    • The length of URL length equals 0 (_ERR_CMD_INVALID_PARAM).
    • addressId is null (_ERR_CMD_MISSING_PARAM).
    • addressId is not a foreign key set to the ADDRESS table or is pointed to a temporary address(_ERR_CMD_INVALID_PARAM).
    • nickName should be same as the old nickname if there is nickName specified (_ERR_CMD_INVALID_PARAM).
    • primary is not null and not equal to 0 or 1 (_ERR_CMD_INVALID_PARAM).
    • publishPhone1, publishPhone2, and packageSupression is not null and not an integer (_ERR_CMD_INVALID_PARAM).
    • Method Detail

      • setAddressId

        void setAddressId(java.lang.String astrAddressId)
        Sets the address Identifier.
        Specified by:
        setAddressId in interface AddressBaseCmd
        astrAddressId - the address Identifier.