Class AddressAddCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AccCommand, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, Protectable, AddressAddCmd, AddressBaseCmd,,,,,,

    public class AddressAddCmdImpl
    extends AddressBaseCmdImpl
    implements AddressAddCmd
    Adds a new address entry for a user, organization or organizational unit.

    The address information is stored in the ADDRBOOK and ADDRESS tables.

    Use this command with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that the information is encrypted. To do so, type the command with the HTTPS secure protocol.

    The parameters URL and nickName are mandatory. The rest of the parameters are all optional.


    • Calls an empty task command PreAddressAddCmd. This command is meant to be customized.
    • memberId is used to specify whom this address will be created for. If memberId is not specified, the menberId of the currently active user will be used as default.
    • For each address type, there can be zero or one primary address (primary field equals to 1). If the new address is primary, then this command will change the existing primary in this address type to not-primary.
    • Verifies that all required parameter values are provided.
    • If primary is not specified, the default value is 0 (not primary).
    • If addressType is not specified, the default value is 'SB'(ShippingBilling Address)
    • Verifies that the specified nickname is unique for this member. AuditAddressCmd commandto perform additional parameter checking. If the parameter checking needs to customized, additional code must be added to this command.
    • Creates a new address in the ADDRESS table.
    • Creates a new record in the ADDRBOOK table if the member does not have an address book.
    • If the command fails, the AddressErrorView view command is called. Upon successful completion, the specified URL is called.
    • Calls an empty task command PostAddressAddCmd. This command is meant to be customized to add additional operations.

    Exception Conditions

    • URL is null (_ERR_CMD_MISSING_PARAM).
    • The length of URL equals 0 (_ERR_CMD_INVALID_PARAM).
    • nickName is null (_ERR_CMD_MISSING_PARAM).
    • The length of nickName equals 0 (_ERR_CMD_INVALID_PARAM).
    • nickName already exists in address book (_ERR_NICKNAME_ALREDY_EXIST).
    • primary is not null and not equal to 0 or 1 (_ERR_CMD_INVALID_PARAM).
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