Interface CSROrderItemSplitCmd

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    AccCommand,,,, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, Protectable,,, ToolsControllerCommand
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    public interface CSROrderItemSplitCmd
    extends ToolsControllerCommand
    Moves order items from one order to the other.


    • Moves order items from one order to the other by calling OrderItemMoveCmd.
    • If the target order id, toOrderId, is not specified, all items will be moved to a new order.
    • The status of the new order and its items will be changed to "E" and the id of the new order will be returned.


    An input xml_string that contains the details of the order items which will be moved.
     Example xml_string:
            <?xml version="1.0" encoding "UTF-8">
                            <customerId>      20000   </customerId>
                            <orderId> 10002           </orderId>
                            <orderItemId>     10110           </orderItemId>
                            <orderId> 10002           </orderId>
                            <orderItemId>     10220           </orderItemId>
    The ID of the order which the order items will be moved to. If the value is null or empty, this command will create a new order and move these order items to this new order.
    Only those order items of the order with this order ID need to be moved.
    The URL to be called when the command completes successfully.

    Response Parameter:

    The ID of the new order created. This will only happen when the value of the input parameter toOrderId is null or empty.

    Exception Conditions

    Throws all exceptions that thrown by CSROrderStatusChangeCmd and OrderItemMoveCmd.

    Error View:

    • CSROrderItemSplitErrorView
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