Class OrderLevelPercentDiscount

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    public class OrderLevelPercentDiscount
    extends RLOrderLevelPromotion
    This class presents specific details of an Order Level promotion of type OrderLevelPercentDiscount. This type represents giving a percentage off on entire order based on order purchase (multiple ranges on order purchase). For example, giving an order of over $100, a discount of %10. The XML will be generated in the generatePromotionSpecificRuleXML() method and the fields in this class will be populated in the populatePromotionSpecificDataFrom(String) method.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The copyright information.
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      • OrderLevelPercentDiscount

        public OrderLevelPercentDiscount()
        OrderLevelPercentDiscount Constructor.
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      • generatePromotionSpecificRuleXML

        public java.lang.String generatePromotionSpecificRuleXML()
        Generates the OrderLevelPercentDiscount specific rule XML.
        java.lang.String the OrderLevelPercentDiscount specific rule XML.
      • populatePromotionSpecificDataFrom

        public void populatePromotionSpecificDataFrom(java.lang.String xmlString)
        Populate the specific data from XML String.
        xmlString - java.lang.String the XML String.