Class ItemLevelReducedFixedDiscount

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    public class ItemLevelReducedFixedDiscount
    extends RLSingleRangeItemLevelPromotion
    This class presents specific details of an Item Level promotion of type ItemLevelReducedFixedDiscount. It represents an item level reduced fixed discount, for example, buy over 3 of item A, each A will be $5 where the original price of A is $8/per item.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The copyright information.
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      • ItemLevelReducedFixedDiscount

        public ItemLevelReducedFixedDiscount()
        ItemLevelReducedFixedDiscount Constructor.
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        public java.lang.String getValueTagName()
        Implement the abstract method to return its own value tag name.
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        getValueTagName in class RLSingleRangeItemLevelPromotion
        java.lang.String the value tag name.