Class ToolsControllerCommandImpl

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      • ToolsControllerCommandImpl

        public ToolsControllerCommandImpl()
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      • getViewInputProperties

        public TypedProperty getViewInputProperties()
        This method is called by the WebController to retrieve the request properties set by the setRequestProperties() method.

        The tools need to override this method because the properties passed into the controller command would be then passed onto the view command. This is unnecessary for the tools and will break the flow when using the ReDirectView command. This is because the URL to re-direct to cannot be more than 500 chars. The XML parameter alone passed into the controller command is longer than this. Therefore without overriding this method we cannot redirect to the view command.

        Specified by:
        getViewInputProperties in interface ControllerCommand
        getViewInputProperties in class ControllerCommandImpl
        The request properties to be passed to the view command.