Class CampaignInitiativeScheduleListDataBean

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    public class CampaignInitiativeScheduleListDataBean
    extends CampaignInitiativeScheduleListDataBeanBase
    implements CampaignConstants
    This class extends the SmartDataBeanImpl class to create the campaign initiative schedule list data bean.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CampaignInitiativeScheduleListDataBean

        public CampaignInitiativeScheduleListDataBean()
    • Method Detail

      • getCampaignInitiativeScheduleList

        public CampaignInitiativeScheduleDataBean[] getCampaignInitiativeScheduleList()
        Gets an array of CampaignInitiativeScheduleDataBean objects.
        An array of CampaignInitiativeScheduleDataBean objects.
      • getLocalSearch

        public boolean getLocalSearch()
        Gets the value of the local search flag.
        True if search on current store only; false otherwise.
      • populate

        public void populate()
                      throws java.lang.Exception
        Populates the data bean that includes all the campaign initiative schedules found.
        Specified by:
        populate in interface
        populate in class
        java.lang.Exception - Thrown whenever an exception is encountered.
      • setLocalSearch

        public void setLocalSearch(boolean newLocalSearch)
        Sets the local search flag, a true value will instruct the data bean to search for collaterals in the current store only; a false value will instruct the data bean to go up the store path and find all collaterals owned by stores on the store path.
        newLocalSearch - True if search on current store only; false otherwise.