Interface CreatePAttributeValueCmd

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    public interface CreatePAttributeValueCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    Creates a personalization attribute value.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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      • NAME

        static final java.lang.String NAME
        The full class name for this interface file.
      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The default implementation class name. This is used if there is no record found in the CMDREG table.
    • Method Detail

      • setAttrName

        void setAttrName(java.lang.String attrName)
        Sets the personalization attribute name.
        attrName - The personalization attribute name.
      • setAttrValue

        void setAttrValue(java.lang.String attrValue)
        Sets the personalization attribute value.
        attrValue - The personalization attribute value.
      • setQuantityUnit

        void setQuantityUnit(java.lang.String quantityUnit)
        Sets the quantity unit.
        quantityUnit - The quantity unit.
      • setOperatorId

        void setOperatorId(java.lang.Integer operatorId)
        (Optional) Sets the operator ID. If it is not specified, the operator ID for the "=" operator is used.
        operator - The operator ID.
      • setRFQProductId

        void setRFQProductId(java.lang.Long rFQProductId)
        (Optional) Sets the RFQ product ID. If this is not specified then the RFQ response product ID will be checked.
        rFQProductId - The RFQ product ID.
      • setRFQResponseProductId

        void setRFQResponseProductId(java.lang.Long rfqResponseProductId)
        (Optional) Sets the RFQ response product ID. If this is not specified and the RFQ product is not specified then the order item ID will be checked.
        rFQResponseProductId - The RFQ response product ID.
      • setOrderItemId

        void setOrderItemId(java.lang.Long orderItemId)
        (Optional) Sets the order item ID. The RFQ product ID and RFQ response product ID are checked before the order item ID is checked.
        orderItemId - The order item ID.
      • setMandatory

        void setMandatory(java.lang.Integer mandatory)
        Sets the mandatory flag.
        mandatory - The mandatory flag.
      • setChangeable

        void setChangeable(java.lang.Integer changeable)
        Sets the changeable flag.
        changeable - The changeable flag.
      • setPAttributeId

        void setPAttributeId(java.lang.Long pAttributeId)
        Sets the personalization attribute ID. If this is specified it takes precedence over the personalization attribute name.
        pAttributeId - The personalization attribute ID.
      • setAllowMultipleValues

        void setAllowMultipleValues(boolean allowMultipleValues)
        (Optional) Sets the allow multiple values flag. If not specified, the default value is true.
        allowMultipleValues - The allow multiple values flag.
      • setValueDelimiter

        void setValueDelimiter(java.lang.String valueDelimiter)
        (Optional) Sets the value delimiter. If not specified, the default value is ";".
        valueDelimiter - The value delimiter.
      • getPAttributeValueIds

        java.lang.Long[] getPAttributeValueIds()
        Gets the new personalization attribute value IDs.
        The array of new personalization attribute value IDs.
      • setCorrelationGroup

        void setCorrelationGroup(java.lang.Long correlationGroup)
        (Optional) Sets the correlation groups. If this is set, it is used as the correlation group value for the new personalization attribute value. Otherwise the personalization attribute value ID will be used.
        correlationGroup - The correlation group.