Interface PrimeRefundCmd

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    AEDPTaskCmd, ARefundTaskCmd,,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
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    public interface PrimeRefundCmd
    extends ARefundTaskCmd
    This class is the interface for the command used to prime the actual refund to the RMA and associated RMA items.


    • RMAAB (required)
      • RMAccessBean of the RMA
    • PaymentPolicyId (required)
      • The policy ID choosed as the refund method

    The purpose of this task command is to record and validate refund information in the following situations. Customers are returning merchandise, are overcharged, or are requesting a credit for being charged for merchandise that never shipped.

    The only possible action is Validation. The payment action for this event is not configurable.

    For example, a customer receives a sweater that she ordered and is unhappy with it and wants to return it. She notifies a Customer Service Representative (CSR) who obtains information about the order and refund method (the sweater was originally paid by credit card). A return merchandise authorization (RMA) is created and approved if necessary. A primeRefund event occurs and the refund information is stored. The customer returns the sweater to the returns warehouse, where someone inspects it for return condition. The sweater stock is updated with the return. Finally, a finalizeRefund event occurs. If the finalizeRefund action fails, a tickler is created to notify a CSR.

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        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
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    • Method Detail

      • setRMAAB

        void setRMAAB(RMAAccessBean anRMAAB)
        This method sets the RMA being accessed.
        anRMAAB - The RMA access bean.
      • setPaymentPolicyId

        void setPaymentPolicyId(java.lang.Long anPaymentPolicyId)
        This method sets the policy ID that will be used in refund.
        anPaymentPolicyId - The payment policy ID to set