Interface FinalizeRefundCmd

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    AEDPTaskCmd, ARefundTaskCmd,,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
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    public interface FinalizeRefundCmd
    extends ARefundTaskCmd
    This class is the interface for the command used to finalize the actual refund to the RMA and associated RMA items.


    • RMAAB (required)
      • RMAccessBean of the RMA
    • RMAItemABs (required)
      • Vector of RMAItemAccessBeans

    This command serves to refund money to a customer and takes place when a return is completed. The return is completed when the customer returns the merchandise and the merchandise is received by the merchant.

    The only possible action is Credit. Payment actions for this event are not configurable.

    For example, a customer has returned a sweater to the returns warehouse and a return merchandise authorization is already created. The return of the sweater is confirmed. A scheduled job that runs identifies refunds that need to be paid to customers. The Returns system invokes the FinalizeRefundCmd and rules are checked to determine what payment action should take place based on the refund instructions. Through use of the stored refund information, a credit is generated on the customer's credit card to refund the customer's money.

    If a payment action with the payment back end system fails, a tickler is created to notify a Customer Service Representative.

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      • setRMAAB

        void setRMAAB(RMAAccessBean anRMAAB)
        This method sets the RMA being accessed.
        anRMAAB - The RMA access bean