Class AutoApproveReturnItemByDaysPolicyCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BusinessPolicyCommand,, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, AutoApproveReturnItemPolicyCmd,,,,,,

    public class AutoApproveReturnItemByDaysPolicyCmdImpl
    extends BusinessPolicyCommandImpl
    implements AutoApproveReturnItemPolicyCmd
    This is an automatic approval policy implementation based on the number of days since the item was shipped. The property passed to this policy may be of the following form:
    • days=30
    In this case, the returns period is 30 days. That means an item can be placed on a RMA up to and including 30 days after the item was shipped. If it has been more than the specified number of days allowed, the item is not automatically approved. If no days property is specified then all items will pass this approval check. (that is, there would be no limitation on when items could be returned).

    If the ship date of the item cannot be determined (from the ORDSHIPHST table). Then the item will fail this test, and not be automatically approved.

    If this automatic approval test is unsuccessful then the deny reason 'EXCDATE' will be logged for the RMA item.

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