Interface ApproveReturnItemCmd

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    public interface ApproveReturnItemCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    Interface for the task command used for changing the status of a return merchandise authorization (RMA) item.


    RMAItemAB (mandatory)
    RMAItemAccessBean of the RMA item
    Type of approval
    • M = manual
    • A = automatic(default)
    • P = pending
    Vector of RTNDNYRSN_ID - Deny Reasons to be applied against a pending RMA item (required if approveType=P)
    • Field Detail

      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The default implementation class name is "" .
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      • NAME

        static final java.lang.String NAME
        The name of this interface is "".
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      • cManualApproval

        static final java.lang.Character cManualApproval
      • cAutoApproval

        static final java.lang.Character cAutoApproval
      • cPendingApproval

        static final java.lang.Character cPendingApproval
    • Method Detail

      • setApprovalType

        void setApprovalType(java.lang.Character anApprovalType)
        Set the approval type. This decides the status of the RMA item.
        anApprovalType - The approval type.
      • setDenyReasons

        void setDenyReasons(java.util.Vector RMAItemDenyReasons)
        Set the vector of RMA item returns deny reason identifiers.
        RMAItemDenyReasons - The vector of returns deny reason identifiers.
      • setRMAItemAB

        void setRMAItemAB(RMAItemAccessBean anRMAItemAB)
        Set the RMA Item access bean which will be approved.
        anRMAItemAB - The RMA item access bean to be approved.