Interface ApproveRefundPolicyCmd

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    BusinessPolicyCommand,,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
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    public interface ApproveRefundPolicyCmd
    extends BusinessPolicyCommand
    Interface for the command used for checking to see if the refund for a return merchandise authorization (RMA) and its items are approved (policy). This check is performed just before the actual refund (DoRefund) is made.
    • Method Detail

      • isApproved

        boolean isApproved()
        This method returns whether the refund is approved or not.
        true if the refund is approved; false otherwise.
      • setRMAAB

        void setRMAAB(RMAAccessBean anRMAAB)
        This method sets the RMA for which the refund is being requested.
        anRMAAB - The RMA access bean.
      • setRMAItemABs

        void setRMAItemABs(java.util.List RMAItemABs)
        This method sets the RMA items being refunded.
        RMAItemABs - The list of RMA item access beans.