Class ProcessPromotionCreateActionCmdImpl

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      • ProcessPromotionCreateActionCmdImpl

        public ProcessPromotionCreateActionCmdImpl()
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      • performExecute

        public void performExecute()
                            throws java.lang.Exception
        This method calls the method of its super class to create a promotion using mediator. Then it creates a CalculationCode record that is associated with this promotion.

        Note: The rule XML is generated using XSLT transformaiton with the promotion base attributes, however specific configuraiton data for the TargetingCondition, PurchaseCondition and CustomConditions will not be available in this generated rule XML. The complete rule XML will only be built during the promotion activation process according to the final authoring data.

        When override this method, it is recommended to call the method of the super class in order to maintain the default behaviour.

        Specified by:
        performExecute in interface
        performExecute in class AbstractProcessCreateActionUsingBusinessObjectMediatorCmdImpl
        java.lang.Exception - A problem happened during processing the create action.
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