Class PriceDataLoadHelper

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      static java.lang.String getDefaultPriceListByStoreIdAndCatentryId(java.lang.String aStoreId, java.lang.String aCatalogEntryId)
      Gets the default price list ID using the given store ID and catentry ID.
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      • getDefaultPriceListByStoreIdAndCatentryId

        public static java.lang.String getDefaultPriceListByStoreIdAndCatentryId(java.lang.String aStoreId,
                                                                                 java.lang.String aCatalogEntryId)
                                                                          throws DataLoadException
        Gets the default price list ID using the given store ID and catentry ID.

        This method can find the default price list, when there is no price list in the business context.

        1. A related store will be used to find the default price list ID if the price list cannot be retrieved using the store ID.

        2. Null will be returned, if the default price list cannot be found.
        aStoreId - The store ID in the business context. Cannot be null.
        aCatalogEntryId - The ID of catalog entry. Cannot be null.
        The default price list ID according to storeId and catalogEntryId or null if no default price list has been found.
        DataLoadException - If an error occurs when executing an SQL statement or a database connection is not closed.