Class OfferMediator

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    public class OfferMediator
    extends AbstractPriceBaseMediator
    The offer business object mediator.

    This mediator is used to create and populate a list of physical table data objects, which are all instances of TableDataObject, from a price list logical noun. See transform(Object, boolean) for more details.

    The operations that this performs include:

    • deleteOFFER
    • replaceOFFER
    • populateOFFER
    • markOfferForDelete

    The unique index to determine an offer is:

    • CataEntryID+Identifier+PriceListID
    If no Identifier is specified in the logical data object, it generates an Identifier using the current date and time.

    The tables populated by this mediator include:

    • OFFER
    • Constructor Detail

      • OfferMediator

        public OfferMediator()