Class GetExternalEntitledPriceCmdImpl

  • java.lang.Object
  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,, GetContractSpecialPriceCmd, GetContractUnitPriceCmd, GetEntitledPriceCmd, GetProductContractUnitPriceCmd,,

    public class GetExternalEntitledPriceCmdImpl
    extends AbstractGetEntitledPriceCmdImpl
    This command calls price outbound service to get the best offer prices for these catalog entries from the external system without checking the local cache. After getting the response from external system, it creates/updates the cache records.


    It calls an external price service and returns the best price for each catalog entry.

    If the command is successfully getting the price, it will return the best prices. If unsuccessfully, the command throws the ECApplicationException specifying an Error Message (ERR_RETRIEVE_PRICE) or returns null prices depending on Error Mode.

    This command accepts either one of the following inputs :

    • A catalog entry ID is required, and also the caller could provide quantity or currency
    • Catalog entry prices of type CatEntryPrices

    This command uses the following AccessBeans :

    • CatalogEntryAccessBean
    • Constructor Detail

      • GetExternalEntitledPriceCmdImpl

        public GetExternalEntitledPriceCmdImpl()