Interface DebitAccountCmd

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    public interface DebitAccountCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    The DebitAccountCmd Task Command is called by the DoDepositCmdImpl command implementation to debit the customer account through an external accounting system.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The default implementation of this command.
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        Constant Field Values

        static final java.lang.String ERRTASK_NAME
        Name of the default error view for this command. The constant value of this field is "DoDepositErrorView".
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    • Method Detail

      • setDepositAmount

        void setDepositAmount(java.math.BigDecimal depositAmount)
        Sets the amount to be deposited in the currency of the order.
        depositAmount - the deposit amount
      • setErrorViewName

        void setErrorViewName(java.lang.String sEVN)
        Sets the error view to be used to report error. This overrides the default error view of the command.
        sEVN - the Error View name
      • setOrder

        void setOrder(OrderAccessBean ab)
        Sets the order for which payment is to be deposited.
        ab - the OrderAccessBean of the order