Class FinalizeRefundEventData

  • public class FinalizeRefundEventData
    extends RefundEventData
    FinalizeRefundEventData is used in Event infrastructure when finalize refund event occurs.This class represents the finalize refund specific attributes in payment rules event data.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • FinalizeRefundEventData

        public FinalizeRefundEventData()
    • Method Detail

      • composeEventEDE

        public composeEventEDE()
        This method composes the finalize refund involved attributes to ExtendedDataElement which is for the data format Event using. Before the corresponding task command raises the finalize refund event. It firstly calls this method to compose the data to the data format event infrastructure needs.
        composeEventEDE in class RefundEventData
        ExtendedDataElement The composed ExtendedDataElement
      • decomposeEventEDE

        public void decomposeEventEDE( ede)
                               throws ECException
        This method decomposes the ExtendedDataElement to the finalize refund involved attributes. When event listener processes the listened event, it firstly calls this method to decompose the finalize refund event data and set corresponding finalize refund attributes.
        decomposeEventEDE in class RefundEventData
        ede - The current ExtendedDataElement
        ECException - In case of any failure
      • getAmount

        public java.math.BigDecimal getAmount()
        This method gets the current amount that is the amount of finalize refund business event.
        amount The current amount
      • setAmount

        public void setAmount(java.math.BigDecimal decimal)
        This method sets the current amount that is the amount of finalize refund business event.
        decimal - The current amount
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        This method converts the attributes of this class to a human-readable format.
        toString in class RefundEventData