Interface NotifyBlockCmd

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    public interface NotifyBlockCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    This Order task command is used to perform a block or unblock operation for a specified order ID and block reason code ID. This command will be invoked by the BlockNotifyCmd controller command. The default implementation of this command is NotifyBlockCmdImpl.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The IBM copyright notice field.
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      • NAME

        static final java.lang.String NAME
        The name of this command interface.
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        Constant Field Values
      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The name of the default implementation class for this command interface.
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    • Method Detail

      • setOrderId

        void setOrderId(java.lang.String orderId)
        This method sets the order ID to perform the blocking on
        orderId -
      • setBlockNotify

        void setBlockNotify(java.lang.String blockNotify)
        Sting value which indicates if to block (true) or unblock (false)
        blockNotify -
      • setBlockReasonCodeId

        void setBlockReasonCodeId(java.lang.String blockRsnCodeId)
        The block reason code ID for the block or unblock operation
        blockRsnCodeId -
      • setComments

        void setComments(java.lang.String comments)
        Comments that may have been passed along with the block or unblock operation
        comments -
      • getTicklerId

        java.lang.Long getTicklerId()
        This method returns the ticklerId for any block that was set