Interface ResolveOrderItemPriceCmd

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    public interface ResolveOrderItemPriceCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    This command is used to resolve price for a group of order items from one order. The default implementation of this command is ResolveOrderItemPriceCmdImpl.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The IBM Copyright notice field.
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      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The default implementation of this command.
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    • Method Detail

      • setOrderItemConfigurationIdIn

        void setOrderItemConfigurationIdIn(java.util.Map mapConfigurationId)
        This method sets the configuration IDs passed in for the order items
        mapConfigurationId - the hash map of the configuration IDs: <(String)orderItemId, (String)configurationId>
      • setOrderItems

        void setOrderItems(java.util.Vector orderItems)
        This method sets the order items that needs to be re-priced.
        orderItems - the vector of the order item access beans
      • setOrder

        void setOrder(OrderAccessBean oab)
        This method passes in the Order Access Bean that the order items belong to. If the order items are not set, get all the order items in this order to resolve price.
        oab - the order access bean to be passed in.
      • setDoPrice

        void setDoPrice(boolean doPrice)
        This method sets the flag of doPrice, if false, some of the order items might skip re-pricing if just refreshed before
        doPrice - the boolean value of the flag
      • setOrderItemTradingIdsIn

        void setOrderItemTradingIdsIn(java.util.Map trading)
        This method sets the trading IDs passed in for the order items
        trading - the hash map of the trading IDs: <(String)orderItemId, (Long[])tradingIds>
      • setOrderItemOfferIdsIn

        void setOrderItemOfferIdsIn(java.util.Map offer)
        This method sets the offer IDs passed in for the order items
        offer - the hash map of the offer IDs: <(String)orderItemId, (Long[])offerIds>
      • setCurrency

        void setCurrency(java.lang.String currency)
        This method sets the currency that the order items need to be re-priced on
        currency -
      • getUpdatedOrderItems

        java.util.Vector getUpdatedOrderItems()
        This method returns the order items that are actually re-priced
        the vector of the updated order items access beans
      • setIsUnitPriceCommand

        void setIsUnitPriceCommand(boolean unitPrice)
        This method sets the corresponding Price interface to invoke
        unitPrice - the boolean value to indicate which interface to invoke if true, GetContractUnitPriceCmd is invoked, else GetContractSpecialPriceCmd is invoked
      • setForceRefresh

        void setForceRefresh(boolean refreshAll)
        This method sets the flag forceRefresh, if true, all the order items needs to be refresh even if it's just refreshed
        refreshAll - the boolean value of the flag
      • setOIComponents

        void setOIComponents(java.util.Hashtable oiComps)
        This method sets the order item components of a dynamic kit that needs to refresh price.
        oiComps - the hashtable of the order item components access beans <(String)orderItemId, Vector of order item components access beans>