Interface OrderProcessCmd

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    AccCommand,,,, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, Protectable,,
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    public interface OrderProcessCmd
    extends ControllerCommand
    This Order controller command is used to submit an order. The order must have been locked by OrderPrepare. Once the OrderProcess command begins running, the order cannot be cancelled with OrderCancel.
    The default implementation of this command is OrderProcessCmdImpl.
    The OrderProcessCmd URL is mapped to this command.
    • Field Detail


        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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        Constant Field Values
      • NAME

        static final java.lang.String NAME
        The name of the Command Interface class.
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        Constant Field Values
      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The default implementation class.
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        Constant Field Values

        static final java.lang.Long DEFAULT_MAX_AVAILABILITY_CHANGE

        static final java.lang.Short VAL_NOTIFY_YES
        Constant VAL_NOTIFY_YES 1.

        static final java.lang.Short VAL_NOTIFY_NO
        Constant VAL_NOTIFY_NO 0.
    • Method Detail

      • setAvailabilityChangeURL

        void setAvailabilityChangeURL(java.lang.String newAvailabilityChangeURL)
        Sets the URL to redirect to. The estimated availability time plus the shipping offset for any order item moves into the future (as a result of allocating or backordering inventory). If the result is more than the time interval specified by the setMaxAvailabilityChange method, this method is called. This parameter is ignored if ATP inventory allocation is not enabled.
        newAvailabilityChangeURL - URL.
      • setBillToRn

        void setBillToRn(java.lang.Long anBillToRn)
        Sets the reference number of the address to bill.
        anBillToRn - address id.
      • setField1

        void setField1(java.lang.Integer anField1)
        Sets merchant-customizable field one.
        anField1 - field1
      • setField2

        void setField2(java.math.BigDecimal adField2)
        Sets merchant-customizable field two.
        adField2 - field2
      • setField3

        void setField3(java.lang.String astrField3)
        Sets merchant-customizable field three.
        astrField3 - field3
      • setMaxAvailabilityChange

        void setMaxAvailabilityChange(java.lang.Long newMaxAvailabilityChange)
        Sets the time interval, in seconds, used with the url set by the setAvailabilityChangeURL method. The default value is 3600 (one hour). This parameter is ignored if the availabilityChangeURL is not specified, or if ATP inventory allocation is not enabled.
        newMaxAvailabilityChange - time interval.
      • setNoInventoryURL

        void setNoInventoryURL(java.lang.String newNoInventoryURL)
        Sets the URL to redirect to if any of the order items in the order cannot be allocated or backordered. This parameter is ignored if ATP inventory allocation is not enabled.
        newNoInventoryURL - URL.
      • setNotifyMerchant

        void setNotifyMerchant(java.lang.Short newNotifyMerchant)
        Specifies whether the store should be notified when the order processing is complete. Valid values include :



        newNotifyMerchant - notify merchant parameter.
      • setNotifyOrderSubmitted

        void setNotifyOrderSubmitted(java.lang.Short newNotifyOrderSubmitted)
        Specifies whether the customer should be notified when the order is successfully submitted for processing. Valid values include :


        0=No (default)

        newNotifyOrderSubmitted - notify order submitted parameter.
      • setNotifyShopper

        void setNotifyShopper(java.lang.Short newNotifyShopper)
        Specifies whether the customer should be notified when the order processing is complete. Valid values include :



        newNotifyShopper - notify shopper parameter.
      • setOrderRn

        void setOrderRn(java.lang.Long anOrderRn)
        Sets the order reference number.
        anOrderRn - order id
      • setQuotationSubmission

        void setQuotationSubmission(java.lang.String astrQuotationSubmission)
        Sets the quotationSubmission parameter.
        astrQuotationSubmission - quotation submission parameter.
      • setQuoteExpiredURL

        void setQuoteExpiredURL(java.lang.String newQuoteExpiredURL)
        Sets the URL to redirect to if the order total expired in agreement with the expiry policy set by the setQuoteExpiryPolicy method.
        newQuoteExpiredURL - URL.
      • setQuoteExpiryPolicy

        void setQuoteExpiryPolicy(java.lang.String newQuoteExpiryPolicy)
        Sets the behavior of the command if the order total expires or an order item's fulfillment center changes during inventory allocation. Order total expires if the current time is greater than or equal to the result of: the order last update timestamp plus the number of seconds specified in the QUOTEGOODFOR column of the STORE table. This parameter may have three values:

        1. alwaysProceed - always proceed with processing the order after recalculating order total.
        2. stopOnBiggerTotal - proceed with processing the order if the recalculated order total is unchanged or less than the previous order total. Otherwise, redirect to a URL set by the setQuoteExpiredUrl method.
        3. neverProceed - always redirect to the URL specified by the set by the setQuoteExpiredUrl method.
        newQuoteExpiryPolicy - quote expiry policy.
      • setReduceParentQuantities

        void setReduceParentQuantities(java.lang.String astrReduceParentQuantities)
        Sets the reduceParentQuantities parameter.
        astrReduceParentQuantities - reduce parent quantities parameter.
      • setTransferMode

        void setTransferMode(java.lang.String transferMode)
        Sets the transferMode property of the command.
        transferMode - - 0 - order has been transferred without the payment information (shopping cart transfer).
        1 - order has been transferred with the payment information (purchase order transfer).
      • setExternalUserId

        void setExternalUserId(java.lang.String astrExternalUserId)
        Sets the external user id
        astrExternalUserId - The external user id to set
      • setExternalPassword

        void setExternalPassword(java.lang.String astrExternalPassword)
        Sets the external password
        astrExternalPassword - The external password to set
      • setNotificationAttributes

        void setNotificationAttributes(java.util.Hashtable aNotificationAttributes)
        Sets the attributes for order notification
        aNotificationAttributes - The attributes to set