Class OrderListCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AccCommand, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, OrderListCmd, Protectable,,,,,,

    public class OrderListCmdImpl
    extends ControllerCommandImpl
    implements OrderListCmd
    This is the default implementation of the OrderListCmd controller command.


    • It Sets the "viewTaskName" response property to "OrderListPendingView", if the status input parameter is "P". Otherwise sets it to "OrderListNonPendingView" (unless it is "X", which is not allowed).
    • If the status is P, sets the OrderListPendingView view command to display the list of pending orders.
    • If the status is any value other than P (or X, which is considered a command error): sets the OrderListNonPendingView view command to display the list of orders that match the specified status for a store (if any).

    Input parameters:

    Name Description
    langId Sets or resets the preferred language for the duration of the session; the supported languages for a store are found in the STORELANG table.
    forUser The logon ID of the user on whose behalf the command will be run. Only a person with the authority to process orders can specify this parameter.
    forUserId Same as forUser, but identifying the user by the internal user ID as found in the USERS table.
    storeId The reference number of the store for the orders to be listed. If you omit this parameter, the customer's orders for all stores are listed.
    status (Required) The status of the orders that are listed.

    Output parameters:


    Task commands called:

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